Pipelay Systems designs and manufactures bespoke winch systems to meet your specific needs. The winches are hydraulically or electrically driven and suitable for operation on open deck or within a purpose-built winch room.

Winches types include:

  • Traction
  • Drum
  • Storage
  • Umbilical
  • A&R and Tow.

Traction Winches

Traction Winches use proven traction winch technology to handle high load lifting capacity without the fear of damaging the rope due to snagging or pulling through other layers on the winch drum. This also allows the winch to work under low load applications without having to re-tension the rope on to the winch drum.

Drum Winches

Drum Winches are provided with or without Lebus type grooves on the drum depending the application and load capacity. Typically drum winches are provided with automatic spooling gear to ensure accurate and even drum packing to prevent rope damage or pull through.

Storage Winches
Storage Winches are used to store large volumes of rope, up to 4000m, under low tension and are typically paired with traction winches. Line tensions are generally limited to 25Te but larger capacity can be provided when required.

Umbilical Winches

Umbilical Winches are used to store umbilicals or deploy them at low tensions, typically up to 30Te. The winch can be plain or provided with spooling gear depending on the application.

Abandonment and Recovery (A&R Winches)

Abandonment and Recovery (A&R Winches) are available in a wide range of capacities and sizes. The winches are available with hydraulic or electric motors with cable capacity up to 4,000m for loads up to 500Te. High load lifting winches tend to be traction winches.

Pipelay Systems has an in-house high tension spooling facility available for clients. This can save operational time and allows the winch and associated level wind to be fully tested.