Storage Reels

Pipelay Systems provide complete reel systems with integrated drive and spooling.

Vertical Storage Reels are used for the transportation and installation of continuous lengths of rigid pipe, flexible flowlines and risers and umbilicals. Large diameter and capacity reels are typically for rigid pipe only, whereas small reels (RDS type) are used for the other products. Although a carousel can is used as a horizontal reel for flexible pipe, umbilical and power cable storage, Pipelay Systems can design this type of carousel for use with rigid pipe, if required.

Pipelay Systems reels are designed for land or marine applications with full survival loads applied in offshore equipment. Load capacity up to 7,000Te can be tailored to the vessel size or installation requirements. Systems can be provided as modular for vessels of convenience or as permanent equipment installations.

Load capacity up to 7,000Te

  • Diameters from 8.6m to 32m or to suit your application.
  • Rigid pipe up to 20”NB.
  • RDS Reels to 600Te capacity and 14m diameter.

Typical Pipe and Flex Reels are shown below.