Storage Carousels

Pipelay Systems provide complete carousel systems with their integrated drive and loading system. The carousels are designed as the storage medium for handling a wide range of flexible products including cables, umbilicals, risers and flowlines.

Carousels are available in two formats:

Basket Carousel

Where the product is lowered into the basket from a loading arm under zero tension, and is stored in layers from the floor up. It comprises a plated floor, closed core and open lattice outer wall. Partitions can be provided as posts or walls.

Carousel (Reel)

Where the product is pulled onto the carousel under tension from a spooling tower and the product is spooled from the core outwards between the upper and lower flanges. It comprises a plated floor, closed tapered core and open lattice top flange suitable for supporting end fittings and terminations.

We also provide a carousel designs that can be converted to a basket carousel.

Carousel range and capacity are:

  • Carousel systems from 400Te to 10,000Te (or larger)
  • Land and marine based systems
  • Portable modular carousel – sea and road transportable 400Te to 5000Te
  • Self-contained loading tower, spooler and drive systems
  • Range of 2, 3 or 4 Track loading tensioners.


Designed to ensure ease of loading and discharge, Pipelay Systems offers a complete customisation service for carousels, baskets, loading towers, spoolers, tensioners, bend units and compensators considering the vessel size, product type and diameter, and loading and discharging method and speed.

Expanding cores, inner walls and partition posts provide a safe confined storage area for the product, protecting the minimum bend radius and ensuring the load is transferred into the load supporting structure.

A typical Carousel is shown below.