Pipelay Straighteners

Pipelay Systems can provide a standalone pipe straightener or an integrated straightener as part of a rigid pipelay system. The pipe straightener removes the permanent bend in a rigid pipe during the Reel-lay operations and is mounted on the pipelay tower between the aligner and the tensioner.

Pipelay Straightner

Tracked Straightner

To minimise the surface pressure on the pipe, and to prevent ovalisation, straighteners consist of tracks with v-shaped pads with the middle track providing the force to reverse bend the pipe and cause straightening. In some instances, the aligner is used as the first point of straightening and the tensioner as the last point.

Tracked straighteners are generally used in pipelay systems with roller straighteners used for smaller diameter piggyback lines up to 6-inch diameter. However, for other applications roller straighteners can be provided for rigid pipe or tube umbilical.