Our Approach


Pipelay Systems (PLS) is a company dedicated to providing the best lay systems solution in terms of capability, reliability, safety and cost of ownership. The quality of the engineering design and implementation is based on over 25 years’ experience of delivering many landmark lay systems for the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors.

The PLS team has a proven track record of providing integrated pipelay systems for rigid pipelay as well as modular lay systems for umbilicals, (flexible) risers and flowlines (SURF), and fibre optic and power cable. Our team has successfully supplied equipment and systems into the pipelay market since 1991. All this equipment continues to work to this day proving its quality and reliability.

All Pipelay Systems projects are based on the following:

  • Understanding the client requirements and challenges
  • Clear project management channels with clients
  • Analysis of the vessel layout and available deck space
  • Proposing the optimum configuration of lay equipment components
  • Packaging the equipment components into a reliable and user friendly system
  • Control systems integrated with vessel SCADA (where required)
  • Equipment installation, commissioning and sea-trials.

Mobbed and De-Mobbed to and from Vessel in 24/48 hours

On Time and Budget (OTB)

PLS pipelay systems can be supplied as modular for vessels of convenience or as permanent equipment installations mounted either over a moonpool, or stern, midships port and starboard. A typical modular lay system can be mobbed / de-mobbed to / from the vessel within 24/48 hours.

The pipelay solutions developed for clients can be designed to handle industry standard flexible products or adapted to meet the characteristics of specific material configurations. System capacity can be tailored to the vessel size, product handling characteristics or installation requirements.

Whatever your pipelay requirements, Pipelay Systems can provide the right solution for you. With many years’ experience in large turnkey projects, we have the engineering expertise and project management skills needed to ensure you get the right equipment on time and within budget.