With over 25 years’ experience of rigid and flexible pipelay projects in shallow and deep water, Pipelay Systems offers a comprehensive range of Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) and consultancy services.

FEED studies are used to develop and test pipelay concepts that optimise the available deck space and pipe storage and handling. Based on this analysis, Pipelay Systems can take it forward to the design and procurement of the complete pipelay system.

Pipelay Systems’ consultancy services include advice on pipelay system options, review of technical challenges and possible solutions. In addition, we are able to assist on technical reviews of RFQ responses and proposed pipelay designs.

Within the wider Seanamic Group, we can draw on in-depth knowledge of offshore handling systems – their design, manufacture and certification – including pipe handling, carousels, tensioners, reel drives and winches.

To find out more about Pipelay Systems’ FEED and consultancy services, contact us below:


44 (0)141 212 3444