Pipelay Systems, part of the Seanamic Group, provides integrated lay solutions for rigid and flexible pipe, flowlines and risers, as well as umbilicals and power cables. Our modular systems offer outstanding levels of efficiency, performance and economy.

Featured Products

Rigid Lay Systems

Cost effective, solutions for S-lay, J-lay and Reel-lay deployment of rigid pipes - complete systems and individual pipelay components and pipe handling equipment. Find Out More

Flexible Lay Systems

Design and build high performance, flexible lay systems capable of installing flowlines and risers, umbilical and power cables: Vertical Lay and Horizontal Lay. Find Out More

Storage Carousels

Complete carousel systems with integrated drive and loading for flexible products - available Basket Carousel and Carousel (Reel) - 400Te to 10,000Te (or larger) capacity. Find Out More

Storage Reels

Complete reel systems with integrated drive and spooling - Vertical Storage and Horizontal Reels -  for transportation and installation of pipe, flowlines and risers and umbilicals. Find Out More

Pipelay Tensioners

2-track, 3-track and 4-track tensioners for use in horizontal and vertical configurations for rigid pipe, flexible flowlines and risers, umbilicals and power cable. Find Out More

Pipelay Clamps

Secure and accurate, pipe clamping based on proven friction clamp technology - clamping can be either opened or split to accommodate pipe and collar arrangements. Find Out More

Pipelay Straightners

Standalone or an integrated roller straightener for rigid pipe and tube umbilical- tracked straighteners with roller straighteners for smaller diameter piggyback lines. Find Out More

Reel Drive Systems

Design and manufactures a wide range of bespoke reel drive systems to suit your specific needs. RDS units come in capacities from 300Te to 600T. Find Out More


Bespoke winch systems suitable for operation on open deck or within a purpose-built winch room for Storage, Umbilical, Abandonment & Recovery and Tow. Find Out More

Upending Control Systems

Pipelay Systems has many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of bespoke upending control systems for jacket ballasting during offshore installation. Find Out More